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Bàsquet Girona Botiga Oficial

Pack: T-shirt + pants second kit 23-24 Customizable

Pack: T-shirt + pants second kit 23-24 Customizable

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Shirt and trousers second kit 23-24

The second ACB NIKE Adult kit of Basketball Girona for the 23/24 season. The main color of the clothing is white. On the pectoral part, the red logo of Básquet Girona shines for the feeling of belonging to Girona, to the culture and history that represent the city. On the abdominal part, the black logo of FIATC, the club's main partner, is displayed.

With the new shirt you will feel ACB basketball on your skin!


Fabric (shirt): 100% recycled polyester.

Color: White, red and black.


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